I remember when I first hear about the relationship with NeXT and BSD; and decided maybe their operating system had a chance of being useful. Wow, that was a long time ago.
@Terry Poulin I remember my first time with a NeXT Cube.
Sexy as hell this machine. Was the reason to buy a g3 macbook a long time ago and hope that OSX will be the choosen one.
OSX wasn't the choosen one and Apple changed from the great PowerPC to Intel and I sell my Apple. LOL

Later on, I tried freeBSd again and again, building Firewall with OpenBSD. In the end, I just used Debian, Slackware and now Fedora.
@Christian M. Grube thanks to work, I’m usually found using Linux these days but it was FreeBSD where I learned how everything works. I was the kind of freak who abused /use/src to do things like tracking how the boot process goes from hitting the MBR to running Getty/login, and studying how standard libc functions were implemented.
@Terry Poulin On my side it was AIX since 4.2. Loved it. Some OS/400, but as much as I wanted to.
Two weeks ago I brought two full working IBM RS6K to the recycling center. No one would like to have it and I couldn't move it to my new homebase.
Sad moment
Never had the opportunity to try AIX, but seems like one of the nicer commercial Unix systems that’s still out there.
@Terry Poulin Far better than HP-UX.
I hated the HP Workstations, they takes ages to boot up.
At Daimler I moved them from one location to another. Time consuming as hell. With IBM, I never ever had a problem like the HP-UX machines.
Some used CDE as DE on AIX, I used E16. IBM made a lot of Tools, WMs, DEs available over FTP for their Unix. IT's widely used for CAD workstations.
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The odd part is that it would be okay because we do have replacements in place. :)
It's good to have a backup plan. Mine is FreeBSD for systemd/Linux.